The written word

Okay, so is a writer an artist? Or vice versa? Null question.

Writing, painting, sculpture, performance, musical composition... and a whole bunch of other disciplines too are all branches of creative art. One does not, indeed cannot exclude the other.

I paint, I sculpt and I write. I leave the performance and music to others.

So lets get literary.....

I have always been a writer to some degree or other. Since 2006 though, writing has steadily become a more and more important part of my expression. True, not much is published to date, but that doesn't lessen the importance of this work to me personally.

As I update this page I am 'doing the rounds' of agents to get my first completed novel published, I have several short stories completed and am working on the beginnings of a second novel.

You wanna read my work? I have put links to two of my short stories and the prologues to two novels below..... Let me know if you are interested to see more of my writing.

The Fool and the Queen of Rods. A short story which could perhaps have been titled 'Encounter in Starbucks'.

Once and Future Times. A short story about an everyday morning on a Greek island. Or is it?

The Awakening of Tertius. A novel about a man coming to terms with an improbable alter ego. You can now find the official website for this book at This Link

Through a Dark Glass. (working title). A novel about a young woman born in 19th century Maryland stepping out into 21st century England.

And finally, just for fun... Click here to see how my books might look on your shelves one day.